5-Star Hair Extensions for Good Hair Extension Service

hair extensionsHere at a 5-star hair extension, we have a team of experts who are having a good knowledge of hair extension. However, we provide our services in many different countries. Also, all of our workers have a good experience in hair extension. So, we also take care of our customers and provide the best services.  Also, we take care that our customers do not have to suffer later. Moreover, we provide many different types of hair extensions to our clients. Also, some of our services include hot fusion bond hair extension, micro ring hair extension, Nano ring hair extension, and many others. 

Quality hair extension

Obviously, everyone wants to have good and beautiful hair. So, here at 5-star hair extensions, we offer Good quality hair extension to our customers. However, we also offer services for repairing the hair extension once done by as.  Also, we take care that our used products are of good quality and do not affect our client’s real hairs.  Therefore, we test all of our products before using. Now let’s know about some of the best hair extensions. 

Best Hair extensions 

There are many hair extensions are available in the market. But, they do not last long and also, do side effects on your hairs. So, here is some of the best hair extensions described below.  Obviously, these hair extension types help you in getting more beautiful attractive hair. 

Hot fusion hair extension 

In hot fusion hair extension, we bond your hairs to small sections using keratin resin. However, this is the best hair extension for permanent hair extension.  Also, after using this hair extension you do not have to remove your hairs at bedtime. On the other hand, a hot fusion hair extension allows you to wash your hair easily without any hesitation.  However, in this, the hairs are getting attached to your hair in such a way that they cannot get noticed easily. Also, we provide you different colors and styles to choose from.it is also known as Good quality hair extensions 

Micro ring hair extension 

Well, we use the best hair extension process and avoid the use of glue and or heat to attach hairs. However, a micro ring hair extension is the best hair extension to be used. Obliviously, in this hair extension, we use a micro ring to attach hairs to your real hairs. Moreover,   this is the safest way of hair extension and also, you can remove and wear hairs easily. However, you have to remove hairs before going to bedtimes and also cannot wash them. Also, in this, we provide you different styles to choose and get an attractive look. 

Nano ring hair extension 

Nano ring hair extension is the most advanced hair extension. However, it is also similar to the micro ring hair extension and does not use heat or glue to attach hairs. So, in this hair extension, a Nano ring is used to attach hairs to your hairs. Also, it offers different styles and sizes of hairs. However, the ring is too small that the hairs look like real hairs and give you long and beautiful hair. So, it is also known as one of the good quality of hair extension


So, the above we tell you about the 5-star hair extensions. However, these hair extensions include some of the best hair extensions. So, go on and get the desired hairs with the help of hair extension. 


A helpful guide on hair extensions for beginners

A helpful guide on hair extensions for beginners

hair extensionsAre you in search of the best hair extensions for beginners installation tutorial that can tell you all about the wings, who can use those and how to use etc? No doubt then this short guide is going to help you out easily. So let us start with it….. 

Clip-in hair extension- What it actually is? 

hair extensions

However Clip-in extensions are one of the faster and simpler solutions for a new one seeking to get thicker and long hair in just a minute. Moreover, these wefts come with the attached clips so that one can clip it easily into the natural hair, weft by weft. Wherefore, if you are seeking for the right solution that can help you out in getting the longer hair, bit a beautiful look without any trouble then obviously this is going to be the best fit for you. 

Which hair extensions is the right to choose? 

When you are looking out for getting the very best extensions for yourself then you should choose the one that blends perfectly with the real hair and the lifestyle. Obviously, you love showering under the cool or warm water, swimming, dancing, etc on a timely basis. In this case, for you, clip-in hair extension is going to be a perfect choice for you. Moreover, this type of hair extensions for beginners is going to offer the proper hygiene and even it will last for a longer time than the other one. 

Hair extensions- their lifespan- 

hair extensions

Definitely, when you buy the hair extensions you will be investing the money on purchasing it. Hence, it will be fine if you at the earliest know how long the one you buy will last and how durable they are. Though, the hair extension lifespan depends upon how well you be taking care of those and how well you maintain them. However, the clip-in hair extensions are the long-lasting ones available in the market to shop. Moreover, if you buy the good quality of clip-in hair extensions then doubtlessly they are going to last for a longer time. And therefore, you need not have to invest more money on buying the new one for you. 

Will hair extensions damage my hair? 

When it comes to buying hair extensions for beginners, the first question that hits their mind is will it damage my natural precious hair. However, the answer is straightforward. It all depends on your way of applying it. While, some are permanent and may cause damages and some that are temporary won’t cause damages to the natural hair. Furthermore, the only thing is that you must make sure to sleep while wearing it. Hence, if you are looking for the one that guarantees to be damage-free, then using clip-in one is going to be a perfect selection for you. 

Are hair extensions best option? 

If you are having the short hair of about 6-7 “ around the shoulder then no doubt using hair extensions is going to be the best option. And by adding those definitely, you can give a good style to your hair.  Furthermore, if having short hair then using heavy extensions will make sure that the wefts are the right blend of real hair. Also, it is important to pick a heavier one as if you choose the lightweight one then it may seem to be stringy and unnatural.  Moreover, if having light and short hair then lighter one can also be a better pickup. 


So, I hope that these hair extensions for beginners guide will help you to make a better buying decision.