About us

Virgin Hair Company is an import and export Wholesaler specializing in Virgin Hair.

We provide hair that is not found in most beauty supply stores. Hair that is highly sought after by people in the entertainment industry such as Beyonce and Cierra.

We import and export only hair that is created for coloring and flat ironing due to its genetic factors. This hair is more expensive because of this natural genetic quality, and because it is never chemically treated. Our Brazilian virgin remy Hair never sheds nor does it tangle. Our hair maintains its natural body and shine, even after being washed.

Virgin Hair Company established in is becoming the global leader in the Virgin Hair industry. We’re a company of high integrity and pride ourselves in being the leaders in high standards of quality and customer service, down to the packaging. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best natural and virgin hair that can be found. Our goal is to give our clients a hair weaving experience they will never forget. So rather it Virgin or Remy you’ll givng the best qualitity.