Braid hair extension tutorial in some easy steps

braid hair extension tutorials There is so many braid hair extension tutorial on the internet. And also there are many ways to use braids hair which you will get to know about. There are so many braids hair in the market some of them that you can find like mini, micro, etc. and not all type of braids gives you the same type of hair extension each and everyone is different. So, to use this hair extension the main thing is to have a steady hand. 

Find the right braid hair

braid hair extension tutorials 

Before understanding how to use braid hair first you must have to understand which type of hair you need. There are so many hairs in the market and every person needs different hairs. However, you must get hairs according to your style and the hair you buy must look natural. On the other hand, this hair you buy must be of good quality and must match your natural hair. This is because that hair will help you to get the perfect look. And you must remember that the curlier and coarser hair will help you get the best grip. And hold your style. You can also see a braid hair extension video

How to Wash your?

Moreover, wash and condition your hair properly is the most important thing. And never miss this step for small braids. However, you can also give a good wash to your hair or rinse your hair braid. And follow the instructions which are given for washing your hair extension. It is because this will help in drying your hairs fast and also easier for further steps. Also, you can blow dry your hair extension after Appling heat-protection serum. And you must remember that you should have to make your soft and healthy 

Separate into section

You must create three to four large sections of your hair from ear to ear and then from forehead to nape. Cover this separated hair with clips. Now start from the nape of the neck it will help you prevent your hair from tangling. Now divide your hair locks into smaller sections near about 1 inch. now adjust each you braids with your hairs size like for micro and larger differently. 

Attach hair extension

braid hair extension tutorials 

Furthermore, Now braiding one hair extension at a time. Take some hair extension and match the size of natural hair you’ll be braiding. Don’t take too much hair other vies it will not be done properly and make it bulky and uneven. And also don’t take too little hair otherwise it will make it spindly and lumpy hair.  

And this is the braid hair extension tutorial for most of the styles. Also, now you must line your hair in three sections. However, now you must have to criss-cross all your shorter extension, larger extension, and natural hairs. And do it for all your hair and let it fall in the end. And you just have to do all these steps with a light hand otherwise it will pain you. 

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