How to choose the bangs that best suit your face

choose the best bangsWhen choosing bangs, choosing a style that highlights your features is key. Although some women look like a bold, blunt top, others are more suitable for a slim side-scan appearance. When it comes to bangs, the second key area to consider is your style and how you want the world to see you. Take out the quiz below or read on to find out which bangs are best for you.

Today, we are here to provide you with a detailed guide on all bangs issues so that you will never regret the haircut again. By the end of this article, you will know which bangs type not only fits your face shape and features but also matches your personality and style. Follow us to guide you through all things related to bangs.

Best bangs for your face shape

First of all, before choosing an explosion style, it is essential to determine the most essential exaggerated face hairstyle and function. The basic rule for finding the big bang for your face is to choose a style that highlights your best features and creates the illusion of a perfect oval face. We divide the different face types into four categories; most women can divide them into round, heart, square, and oval. No matter which faces shape you use, we aim to provide the most universally pleasing appearance for each unique shape.

Round face: side bangs

choose the best bangsFeatures of a round face

If your face is round, the length and width of the face are approximately equal. Your chin may be very round with the smallest acute angle, and the bone is the widest part of the face. Think Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are reference points for round faces


If your face is round, it is recommended to choose bangs that elongate the face, such as side bangs. The angle of the explosion, especially when it has a strong diagonal, will produce more length and extend the rounded face in a flattering way.

Heart face: separated bangs

choose the best bangsHeart-shaped face features

If your face is heart-shaped, your chin may be as sharp and pointed as a sharp heart and a wider forehead. Many girls with heart-shaped faces also have widow peaks in their hairline. Their forehead and the bones are usually the widest part of the face, while the chin is the narrowest part. Take Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively as reference points.


If you have a heart-shaped face, we will like an explosive style that can balance the forehead and chin, just like breaking up, with bangs just above the chin. The length of the bangs extends to the chin, which helps to increase the width of the chin, which is usually the narrowest part of the face of a girl with a heart-shaped face.

Square face: whispy bangs

choose the best bangsFeatures of square faces

If you are a square girl, your chin may be square, and the curve of your face is minimal, which means that your forehead, the bones, and chin are about the same width. Think of Hailey Baldwin and Angelina Jolie as reference points!


If you are a square person, the key to bangs is to maintain a strong angle of the face and keep it soft. Whether you want to strike forward or sideways, bangs must be light and light, such as intermittent bangs. Tapered ends and layers like this soften the angle of the square surface and help create a sense of balance in the element.

Oval face: bangs

Features of the oval face:

If your face is oval, your face may be slightly longer than the width, and the bone is the widest part of the face. Your chin and forehead are also round, without sharp angles. The oval face is generally considered the ideal and most common face shape. Think that Jessica Alba and Rihanna are reference points!


If you are a person with an oval face, so lucky! When you explore different types of bangs, your possibilities are very open. The soft, blunt bangs or side-scan appearance can catch the eye well, but it depends on which direction you choose. The oval face is very suitable for hairstyle experiments because the various presentations look very flattering.

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