5 Ways To Deal With Static Hair

Deal With Static HairAs if cold weather and dry air are not enough to make people chill, now we must deal with this scientific phenomenon at the expense of our beauty. Static hair in winter is the ultimate hair raising experience. The dry air and reduced moisture in the hair make the hair fully charged, which unfortunately makes us all goals.

You can solve it in some simple ways-we will share it with you today!

For you, this may be a genuinely static situation, especially when compared to static hair, your hair gets more expansion from the effects of static hair.

Let’s face it; it’s not that no one has enough time to deal with bad static hair. But please don’t be disappointed. We have compiled a series of methods to remove static electricity, including top static products, tips, and tricks to keep your hair in its best condition throughout the year.

How to get rid of static hair

1. Tips for getting rid of static hair:Anti-static drying sheet

Deal With Static Hair

Did you know that your mother always put those bouncing beds into the dryer when washing clothes? They make your sheets smell amazing, but they can also act like magic in removing static electricity. It will eliminate the charge and free you from static electricity.

Put a few in your wallet or pocket. All. Times. In the winter. Also, wipe dry paper on the plastic to reduce static electricity in the hair.

If you are concerned that the harsh chemicals in laundry paper may not be suitable for your skin, there are also antistatic papers specially designed to eliminate static hair.

Yeah, fresh outdoors.

2. Tips for getting rid of static hair:Hair spray, leave-in conditioner or hair oil

Deal With Static Hair

Carry styling hairspray, leave-in serum or hair oil for static hair.

Buy static hair care products specially formulated for you in the store or venture into the kitchen and use cooking oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil. Don’t overuse apps; a few apps will help a lot.

For hair spray, choose non-alcoholic alcohol, because alcohol will dry your hair. Spray the hair spray on the comb, and then evenly distribute it on the hair shaft to reduce static hair and a gentle and elegant feeling.

3. Tips for getting rid of static hair:NOTHING ON HAND?

Use any cream in the purse. A little lotion, face cream or hand cream, whatever you want! The increased moisture will be a godsend for your hair.

Squeeze a pea-sized amount, rub it in your hands, and spread it all over your hair. You don’t want to use too much product because it may oil your hair (especially if it is not designed for hair) and make it feel too light. Concentrate the cream on your head and place less on the scalp to avoid looking like you haven’t washed your hair for weeks. You can control your static hair with just a little skill.

4. Tips for getting rid of static hair:NOT EVEN A CREAM ON HAND?

Okay, so you can find some water and use a small amount to tame static electricity. This is not the best solution, but the most accessible solution! Rubbing ice cubes on flying ropes is another option that people swear by.

The best way to use water is partial treatment, which can only be used where there is static hair. Just a little bit of water, and then use some hairpins to pin the front part, because these are the most annoying parts, and they will quietly stick to your face.

If you have too much static hair, try moisturizing your comb or pour some water into a sprayer bottle and spray it on the hair to make it smooth.

5. Tips for getting rid of static hair:DO NOT USE PLASTIC

If you have a plastic comb or hairbrush, they may look harmless, but using them is not a good idea. Is because plastic is not conductive, which means your hair becomes more static. Instead, choose a wooden or metal comb because they are conductive and therefore-can remove static hair. Science!

The added benefit is that in addition to removing static hair, these materials are more environmentally friendly than plastic, so you can tame your bristles while still loving the environment.

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