Meaning of Hair extension number in the process of hair extension

In every hair extension box packaging numbers are mentioned. Have you ever imagine what does it mean? Importantly, every brand follows some number system that is written on the boxes. This number indicates the color code. For instance for plain basic colors they use this type of marking -16 Golden Blonde 1-Jet black 1B- Natural/Off black2- Dark Brown4-Medium Black6- Light Brown8- Extra Light Ash Brown/ Almost a Dark Ash Blonde10- Dark Blonde 

Some of the examples we have given. Hair extension number helps to select the color and style of the hair extension for the perfect look. Same with the hair extension pieces they indicated the type of hair like curly, straight, tape etc.  

Different types Applications of Hair Extension

Clip in Hair extensions method

hair extensions number It comes in a single long hair of contoured pieces, attached at the base with either silicon or fabric. Base clips are attached to use with it, this ready to use clip is coupled with your natural hair. However clip in hair extensions are not permanent as you can easily remove it whenever you want. It will take a less time to apply and likewise with the removal.  They are zero damaging for your natural hair because chemicals, heat and pressure is not used. As a result this hair extension method is used widely. Haiextension pieces are easily available in all types.

Tape in hair extensions

hair extensions number

Likewise the name of the tape in hair extensions is double taped. Firstly the extension taped and after that it is taped in your hair either side. Heated tool is using for heat up the glue and align them with the roots. Particularly, glue remover is used to remove them and reinstalled then. As a result of heating process or glue your natural hair can be damage. It will take approximately 1 hour time for the whole process. They are semi-permanent and last for 4 to 8 weeks.

Weave/Saw in Hair extensions

hair extensions number Needle and thread is using to sew the weave into the cornrow or braid. People with thick hair use this type of extension method. In comparison to other process this is a very long process. It does not work with lighter or thin hair because of the tight application method. The extension is sewing to your natural hair which cannot easily come off. This method is long-lasting. 

Fusion Hair Extensions and Bonded- Fusion hair extensions method usually uses fixative like glue is taken for use for fixing extension to natural hair. It takes approximately 4 hours’ time and hairdresser can do the process. The process damages your natural hair as a result this process is not recommended by hairdresser. 


Likewise much type of hair extension applications is used to apply the hair extension with the natural hair. Hair extension number can help you to find the best option for you. The process you follow makes you look good with the new hair style and boost your self-confidence. 

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