Thick hair care: the ultimate guide

Thick hair is usually regarded as the ideal type of hair, but people born with thick, luscious hair must be familiar with the job of handling mops. Of course, the volume is large, and you can create a variety of hairstyles. There are many options, but what about the time required for continuous curling and styling? If you are working hard to care for thick hair, it contains everything you need to know about caring for thick bristles. From products to accessories to healthy habits, follow the ultimate thick hair care guide.

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Thick hair is usually more biased towards hair quality, so it is essential to use products to keep hair moisturized and prevent frizz. If you are a baby with thick hair, especially in these humid summers, but trying to keep your hair smooth, here are our top product recommendations.

Why does frizz appear?

Thick Hair CareBefore investigating which products to use to suppress frizz, it is essential to understand why frizz occurs. The outer layer of hair scales can cause frizz when lifted, allowing water to pass through and swell the hair. When the cuticle is flat rather than fluffy, the hair strands remain smooth and frizz-free.

Many reasons may cause Cuticle wrinkles, but the most common goal for women with thick hair is dry hair, which makes the hair cuticle more likely to wrinkle. Suppose you have thick, dry hair, and you go out when it’s wet. What happened to your hair? As the hair is dry and the hair strand is lifted, the moisture in the air will rush into the hair strand, causing each strand to swell, resulting in large, curly hair. So, how do we respond?

Thick Hair Care: HAIR OILS

Thick Hair Care

If you are a girl with dry hair, hair oil will be your best friend. The key to keeping curls is to keep the hair strands moisturized and nourished, which can be obtained with several types of hair oils.

Thick Hair Care: Coconut Oil

It is no secret that we love coconut oil, and for a good reason! Coconut oil has a moisturizing function. Coconut oil stays in the hair and moisturizes the hair from the inside out, making it one of the most effective hair oils for curly hair. It is best used as a moisturizing hair mask. Just apply oil to the hair from start to finish, put on the shower cap, and let the oil work for about 20 minutes. Then, rinse the hair, shampoo, and hair condition normally, and enjoy smooth, moisturizing, frizz-free hair.

Thick Hair Care: Argan oil

Argan oil, also known as Moroccan oil, is rich in beneficial nutrients such as vitamin E, ferulic acid, fatty acids, and antioxidants. Just a few drops of Argan Oil can add extra moisture to your hair and help fight dryness and frizz. It is not as greasy as coconut oil, so it is very suitable for daily use as a finishing oil.

Thick Hair Care: HOT TOOLS

When choosing the right heat tool, it is essential to select the right heat tool for your hair type. Contrary to popular belief, not all hair dryers, hair straighteners or curling irons are manufactured in the same way. Certain materials are more conducive to maintaining the integrity of the hair and preventing it from drying out. Have you ever wondered why professional thermal tools are so much more expensive than running the Mill Pharmacy brand, or why your hair always looks so smooth and beautiful when you leave the salon? This is because your hairstylist has invested in advanced bronzing tools, and you should do the same!

Thick Hair Care: Ionic Hairdryer

Thick Hair Care

If you have thick hair, you will know to wash your hair, and then spend an hour dry and style it, which is a very difficult thing. The ion hair dryer uses negative ions to break down the water droplets on wet hair, thereby quickly drying the hair, while controlling frizz and enhancing gloss, thus shortening the drying time of thick hair.

Thick Hair Care: HAIR MASKS

Similarly, thick hair is usually more prone to dryness because natural oils cannot flow down the hair shaft. If your hair is thick, the ends of your hair will naturally suffer from dryness, especially if the hair strands are also thick. Trying a DIY hair mask is a cheap and convenient way to bring moisture and shine back to the hair strands. Masks are essential for every hair type, including girls with thick hair!

As mentioned above, the simplest and fastest hair mask used is the coconut oil hair mask. However, if you want to enhance your hair, we are more willing to add more moisturizing ingredients to the hair mask.

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